We are a global family of driven professionals

30,000 passionate colleagues at around 100 locations in nearly 30 countries: Meet some of them by clicking through our interactive world map.

Global organization, local support

With nearly 100 locations worldwide we ensure that our customers get the best-possible on-the-spot support: Wherever they are, we are there for them. By their side, strategically as well as geographically. From product idea to series production. In 2019, twelve BENTELER locations have achieved significant anniversary milestones: From Chongqing, China completing its first year of operation to Burgos, Spain and Kalamazoo, USA reaching their 30th.

Metal processing expertise around the world

As leading global partner to the automotive industry, we offer our customers comprehensive vehicle know-how along the entire value chain: from development and production through to assembly. With unmatched material expertise we know how to form and to join metal like nobody else. We support our customers with production excellence and premium quality products to develop the save and eco-friendly mobility solutions that accelerate their business. Also, in our anniversary plants:

Happy 30th anniversary, BENTELER Automotive in Burgos! During its operation, our metalworking specialists at the Spanish plant have processed over 400,000 tons of recycled steel – enough to build 164 Eiffel Towers! Yet another sign of BENTELER’s metal processing competence and commitment to sustainability. Felicidades Burgos!

Gratulujeme BENTELER Chrastava! Our metal processing specialists in Czech Republic are celebrating 20 years of operation. Opened in 1999, the plant has produced over 4 million rear axles and painted 23.5 million sq. meters of metal – enough to cover the whole of Slovenia.

BENTELER JianAn Automotive in Chongqing is celebrating its first anniversary. The plant, BENTELER’s 15th in China, has already delivered its 200,000th component. Placed on top of each other, the stack would be four times higher than Mount Everest. Congratulations Chongqing!

In Kaluga, Russia, the BENTELER Automotive plant is celebrating its 10th anniversary. In that decade, the plant has welded over 4,000,000 meters of metal seams – further than the distance from Kaluga to our plant in Burgos, Spain. Congratulations Kaluga, or as you would say, Поздравляем Калугa.

Congratulations BENTELER Joinville! 2019 marks the Brazilian plant’s 5th anniversary. In addition to this milestone our metal processing specialists in Brazil have a second reason to celebrate: a perfect safety record. 1,879 days since opening without an accident is an impressive achievement. Parabéns Joinville!


In Chennai, India, the BENTELER Automotive Technical Center is celebrating its 10th anniversary. It provides engineering support for structural components across all BENTELER regions. Around 1,300 projects are completed each year – congratulations Chennai. Or as you would say, Badhaaii!


Congratulations BENTELER Automotive Rumburk! Our Czech colleagues are celebrating 15 years of operation in 2019. The plant, which produces chassis and structural components with unmatched material expertise, is used to big numbers. On one project alone, it delivered an incredible seven million parts! That’s over a thousand per day!


BENTELER Automotive in Kalamazoo, USA is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The plant recently installed a new ‘U-shaped’ paint line, the first built to a new standard developed by BENTELER. The design needs less space and less energy than previously, making production faster and more environmentally friendly.


2019 marks the 10th anniversary of BENTELER Automotive Malacky. The Slovakian plant manufactures structural components for a wide range of automotive customers. Over 5 million components are produced per year – that’s one for every person in Slovakia. Congratulations Malacky, or as you would say, blahoželáme!