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Our story started in 1935. Back then cars had long hoods, large radiator grills and the doors were attached to B-pillars. BENTELER delivered exhaust pipes for the Ford Eifel. It was our first big order for the automobile industry. Much has happened since then.

Individual mobility – safe and sustainable

Today individual mobility is taken for granted – by an ever larger proportion of the world's population. At the same time the demands on vehicles are rising. Cars have to be more comfortable, more economical and safer. Affordable for individuals and at the same time taking full account of social and ecological concerns. The demands placed on car components, too, are becoming ever more complex. This is a challenge for the manufacturers. And a challenge that BENTELER is happy to take on – for and with our customers.

The Automotive Division offers precisely that:

Worldwide development, production and services in the field of automotive technology – from individual components through to entire system solutions, from press parts to global platforms. Individually adapted to the customer's wishes. Because as a specialist in chassis, bodies, engines and exhaust systems as well as in e-mobility we know how all these work together.

How does this benefit our customers?

With this knowledge and our broad-based expertise in materials we save our customers time and costs. By developing comprehensive solutions. For example an e-axle and an entire powertrain system. Or a thermomanagement system that cools particularly efficiently, uses waste heat intelligently and at the same time is low in weight.

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Business Units

Lightweight-optimized chassis components made from a range of materials, and the development and assembly of highly complex modules

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Lightweight solutions for vehicle structures in steel and aluminum

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Lightweight-optimized and complete system solutions for electric vehicles

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Innovative machinery and systems, plus tools for the automobile industry

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Machinery for the fields of architecture, automotive and technical glass

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Development and production of protective solutions for a range of customers and market segments

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