BENTELER's "Smart Factory" in Mos, Spain, now fully connected

Mos, April 21, 2022. The automotive supplier BENTELER has completed the comprehensive networking project for the production processes in the Smart Factory in Mos, Spain. It was implemented with the help of ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) funding from the EU and the Xunta de Galicia. With the network now fully completed, BENTELER can exploit the full potential of its Smart Factory.

BENTELER has developed an intelligent plant model for the production site in Mos, which opened in 2019. This model is now also being implemented in other plants in Spain and worldwide. It consists of a comprehensive network that digitally controls all production processes. All processes in the plant are digitally networked and optimally aligned with each other, from material receipt to delivery of the end product to the customer.

Ricardo García, Executive Vice President at BENTELER Automotive for the South Europe region explains: “A comprehensive network integrating all technological developments is the basis for operational excellence and will represent a major competitive improvement for all our plants. I would like to thank the European Community and the Xunta de Galicia, whose support through EDRF funds has made this pioneering project possible.”

Perfectly aligned network ensures high quality

Such a network is only possible in a uniform IT environment with standardized processes. All developments are harmonized in order to be able to exchange and correlate data with each other.

The technologies used include digitalized and automated quality controls. Cameras are integrated into the production line, which check the quality of the welds, transmit the information collected and send warnings in the event of a deviation. This ensures highest quality for customers. The "Smart Factory" in Mos also includes integrated software solutions for maintenance. Using Big Data analytics technologies and storing the information in the Smart Production Data Platform (SPDP) developed by BENTELER, the facilities monitor their own status and report when there is an anomaly or when they need maintenance. The notifications are received on the cell phones or tablets of the maintenance personnel. This type of predictive maintenance avoids production downtime and minimizes service costs.

This is how BENTELER serves its customers flexibly, reliably and efficiently. And at the same time protects the environment. This is because the now comprehensive network not only improves production and quality, but also ensures greater sustainability: For example, energy loss in hot forming furnaces is analyzed - by means of big data - the consumption and quality of hydraulic oils is controlled and energy consumption is monitored.