A cheer for women's power and visible diversity

Recent years have shown that global volatility is one of the greatest business challenges. It is becoming increasingly rare for us to be able to say exactly what to expect. Diversity is therefore essential: At BENTELER, we combine a wide range of competencies in order to be successful in the long term.   

Diversity has many facets: Age, origin, gender and much more. BENTELER is already well positioned in terms of internationality; now we need to make the company even more attractive for women.  

Diversity management, which is also supported by women in management positions, can create a diversity that offers many advantages to a company like BENTELER: With various measures, starting with recruiting, such as advertising that appeals equally to women and men, to coaching and mentoring, a well-developed system is already taking hold. For it is important to provide guidance that is adapted to professional requirements according to personal needs.  

Especially new working time models, mobile working, job sharing offer great opportunities for the individual organization of private and professional life. This is an aspect that is becoming increasingly relevant for many employees and often determines which employer they choose. Diversity makes a company richer in terms of perspectives, creative scope and opportunities. 

In the coming years, we want to steadily increase the proportion of women in the company. This applies to all professions and training programs. We also aim to have at least 25% women in the management team by 2030. We are particularly concerned to support the interplay of family and career.