BENTELER at a glance

The BENTELER Group stands for 140 years of premium competence in metal based products, systems and solutions in the areas of Automotive, Steel/Tube and Distribution. Consistently concentrating on our strengths and strategic initiatives and focusing on long-term, profitable growth help us to safeguard our corporate independence on a sustainable basis.

 A family-run company for four generations

The BENTELER Group was founded in 1876 and is still owned by the same family to this day. We attach great importance to expertise and high standards of performance for ensuring our continued independence as a company. Constant development and long-term growth are the pillars on which our 140 years of success are built.

 We take our commitment to close customer relationships literally

This closeness is maintained via our 81 production facilities and 72 branches and retailers. We are a proactive business and development partner across the entire value chain, and have an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs.

 Driven by innovation

We have around 1,200 employees working in research and development, at 32 locations across 18 countries. In 2016, thanks to their hard work, we applied for 87 new patents.

 Our employees are very important to us

Our approx. 30,000 employees are the key to our success. In this rapidly changing world, they enable us to deal flexibly and effectively with the challenges the future holds. Attracting the best young talents as well as accomplished experts to our company is therefore of central importance to us, as is promoting their continued development as well as ensuring their motivation and their health and safety at work.


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