We are a global family of driven professionals – with 30,000 passionate colleagues in nearly 30 countries.
Meet some of them by clicking through our interactive world map. You also find further information about our worldwide around 100 locations there.

Global presence

With nearly 100 locations in around 30 countries, BENTELER is always at the side of its business partners. Not only in terms of physical proximity, but also strategically: BENTELER supports its partners from product idea to series production. With many years of experience, with expertise spanning its Business Divisions, and with a determination to develop the ideal solution.

In short: We are where you need us.

Global career opportunities

We want to continue our success story, so we are always looking for talented new recruits. What can we offer as an employer? First and foremost: We focus on people and their individual needs, at the different times in their lives.

Promoting talent, developing careers, international opportunities, career-path choices – BENTELER has an individual answer to each of these needs. The opportunities across the entire Group are as varied and diverse as the people who come to us. 

You, too, could soon be enjoying an international career at BENTELER. Listen to what our colleague Nohad Ghosseini has to say.

We are your #globalpartner

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Futuristic sketch of a car in front of building

Electric cars are booming. To ensure that in future, too, there are enough battery trays for all, we have expanded our production in Germany – and already produce battery trays in series for many well-known-customers.

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fortune cookie on blue background

We have 15 locations in China, and are represented in almost all provinces. But we are continuing to expand there – most recently, for example, in Chongqing. We are your global partner, including in China.

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BENTELER building in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Sights to see in South Africa:

Unique fauna – in the Kruger National Park.
Unique landscape – the Table Mountain.
Unique hot forming line in Africa – in the BENTELER plant in Port Elizabeth.

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drill tower at sunset

Heat for houses, electricity for industry: Without energy there would be no life. In the US we are keeping supplies going – with the help of special tubes for the OCTG market, made by BENTELER in the US, in Louisiana.

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machine for architectural glass

The House of European History in Brussels, the UN offices in Geneva – architectural masterpieces with giant glass facades. These unusually large panes of glass were produced on machines from BENTELER Glass Processing Equipment.

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pushpin on map at Spartanburg

Did you know that at Spartanburg in the US:

  • the average annual temperature is 15.9° C?
  • the racing driver Rex White was born here in 1929?
  • BENTELER´s biggest modules plant in the world is here?

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group of people

4 continents in 22 days. 300 trained colleagues and 0 cups of coffee. Our colleague Stephanie Engel travelled the globe to present the new intranet around the world. It connects our global family of driven professionals. At any moment.

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Burgos by night

Yesterday: VHS, landline, vehicles without catalyzers. Today: UltraHD, smartphones, electric cars. In the past 30 years much has changed. With us, too. We have continuously invested and in the region around Burgos, Spain, we are now the biggest company and one of the most important employers.

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plant by nighttime

What does investment look like in the 142-year history of an international company? Good, we think: Our hot rolling mill in Shreveport, Louisiana, is one of the most important suppliers to the US-American oil and gas industry.

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Indian flag blue sky

Did you know that in India there are more than 226 million cows? And did you know that in India annual car production has already reached 4.78 million? How do we know this? Because we just celebrated the 10th anniversary of our office in Chennai, India.

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six BENTELER employees posing

Whether it´s a quick business trip or a long international assignment – the experts in our Global Mobility Team ensure everything runs smoothly for our colleagues worldwide. They also advise on all matters concerned with a global career.

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Pony Pack

You don´t know what a pony pack is? Don´t worry, we do. Because we have been producing pony packs in Brazil for a quarter of a century. Congratulations to our Brazilian team on its 25th birthday!

#BENTELER #globalpartner #automotive

(A pony pack is a complete engine-transmission unit.)

steering wheel with airbag

BENTELER helps save lives. For example, through the manufacture of tubes for airbags. But that's not all: Together with our customers, we develop individual solutions for complete airbag cartridges.

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