We are world class in our field. But you can’t achieve top performance everywhere – that’s why we have outstanding partners at our side who complement our expertise.

Technical Partners

Together with our technical partners, each of whom is a leader in their field, we are building an engineering network. Among them, for example:

Research Partners

To make mobility even easier, safer and more sustainable in the future, we are participating in international research projects and also collaborating with various partners from the scientific community – including over 20 technical colleges and universities. An excerpt:


Whether it’s in big data, production technology, logistics or mobility, start-ups often bring a breath of fresh air. That’s why we like cooperating with them. A few examples:

  • At our plant in Vitoria, Spain, we are implementing a machine learning pilot project in collaboration with Relimetrics. Software uses a camera to analyze products in real time and automatically detects deviations from the reference shape. This helps us to further increase product quality.
  • To speed up standard processes and make the working methods of office staff more ergonomic, we are using the eye-tracking platform from Munich-based 4tiitoo in a pilot project. The system automatically detects the user’s eye movement and automatically positions the mouse pointer at the corresponding location.
  • Together with HD Vision, we give our robots a helping hand. Thanks to light-field-based image processing, our robots are better able to recognize components in the parts box and can therefore work more efficiently.


We maintain long-term business relationships with suppliers all over the world – this creates trust and provides security. We always work with the best suppliers, preferably directly on site. This "local-for-local" approach not only strengthens the region in which we produce, but also keeps delivery distances short.

Do you also want to become part of the BENTELER network? Please get in touch with us!

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