Whether it’s digitalization, sustainability or 3D metal printing by electron beam, BENTELER’s Foresight Management team monitors trends – both social and technological.


The earth is getting hotter – with drastic consequences for man and nature. The consumption of fossil fuels and disposable items are fueling climate change. More and more people see themselves as a driving force on the path to a more sustainable future – and are adapting their consumption and lifestyles accordingly. At BENTELER, we also see it as our duty to act in a sustainable and resource-saving manner. The framework for this is our Sustainability Strategy . You can read about what we’ve achieved here. 

The car is the key to individual mobility – the symbol of independence and freedom. Today, it’s still an ideal. And yet a change in thinking is already evident in cities. Buses, trains, car sharing, bikes, scooters, car subscriptions – mobility is increasingly also seen as a service. BENTELER has responded to this and, based on the BENTELER Electric Drive System, has developed a platform for people movers and last-mile cargo services 

Covid-19 has also changed the world of work. Even in traditional companies, mobile working has been introduced. In the process, the different functions of work were consciously perceived. Work structures everyday life and also fulfils an essential social function. The boundaries between private and working life became more blurred during the lockdown, which has different aspects, advantages and disadvantages. At BENTELER, we, too, had positive experiences during the pandemic, which we want to preserve, for example, with mobile working. We respond to the realities of life and the wishes of our employees, be it flexible working models, the mobile working already mentioned or part-time models. In addition, we offer rapid development opportunities, open up scope for creativity and share responsibility – globally. At BENTELER, you can become anything. 

Everything is increasingly networked. Devices, people, our lives. This changes our everyday lives and also our way of seeing the world. We use resources much more efficiently, gaining access to millions of pieces of information in a fraction of a second. Increasingly, we also expect our products to be intelligent. And, with the sharing economy, we share not only products and services, but also knowledge. It’s increasingly becoming a shared resource that we are all continuously developing – living an open culture of innovation. We also promote this spirit at BENTELER – because we know that together we achieve more!

International exchange, supply chains, production and markets – everything came to a standstill. The Covid19 pandemic abruptly changed social and economic life. And increased economic disparities – even between cities and small towns. While the surrounding areas were hit hard economically, city dwellers were able to move to cheaper regions to supplement their savings. Even apart from the pandemic, economic power is shifting – globally from West to East. BENTELER is making targeted investments in growth markets and is consistently continuing its transformation. Thanks to this, we will remain a strong partner for our customers in the future.

Digitalization is opening a new chapter in the development of society. Digital technologies offer fundamentally new possibilities – in everyday life, privately and professionally. New technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence or augmented reality are also changing the manufacturing industry. In the long term, only those who embrace this change openly, actively and courageously will be successful. And that is exactly what BENTELER does – we use the possibilities of digitalization in the interest of our customers but never lose sight of the people.

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