Product and Process Innovations

How do you extend the range of electric vehicles? What properties do new materials need? How can production be cost-effective and environmentally friendly at the same time? These and other questions are dealt with by around 900 BENTELER employees worldwide, together with our customers and suppliers.

We are already working...

Personal mobility is one of the greatest modern achievements. The task now is to make it sustainable and, at the same time, even safer. And affordable. We are working on this – through cost-efficient solutions in production:

...on tomorrow’s solutions

We are also working on cost-effective solutions in the growth field of e-mobility. They are urgently needed, because public subsidies are expiring while legal regulations are changing in such a way that there is no way around e-mobility – neither for OEMs nor for end customers.

  • We optimize electric vehicle manufacturing costs, for example through functional integration and scalability.
  • We improve the cooling plates integrated in the battery box. This reduces material usage, weight, complexity and, ultimately, the manufacturing costs of the entire battery box. In turn, the lower weight increases the range.
  • With our BENTELER Electric Drive System, we also enable companies from outside the industry to enter the field of e-mobility. Cost-effectively, quickly and reliably.

In all of this, we always consider the environment. We analyze the ecological balance of our products throughout their entire life cycle and also discuss it with our customers. This Life Cycle Assessment shows, for example, that the targeted use of certain BENTELER locations can significantly improve the CO2 balance, for example through proximity to a customer’s production site.

And that is exactly our goal: To make mobility lighter, safer and more sustainable.

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