Driving Future Mobility

We're not just metal processing specialists. We're also inventors. Which is why we continually ask ourselves, how can we make tubes, components and systems even lighter, even more durable and even more resource-efficient? All around the world, in high quality and at fair prices. In short, how can we make mobility lighter, safer and more sustainable.

Here are a few of our most recent solutions:

BENTELER Hyresist Hydrogen tubes

Intensive efforts are being made worldwide to reduce greenhouse gases: Europe plans to be CO2-neutral by 2050; Germany wants to achieve this goal as early as 2045. To achieve this, new energy sources are needed. For example, "green" hydrogen, which, because it’s produced using renewable energy, is CO2-free.

BENTELER has now added seamless, hot-rolled tubes and pipes for the safe distribution of hydrogen to its portfolio: BENTELER HYRESIST. Designed for the construction of hydrogen distribution networks, the range helps make the alternative energy source more readily available – and thus the targeted CO2 neutrality more quickly achievable.

BENTELER small-overlap crash solution

Frontal collisions in vehicle accidents often result in serious injuries to the occupants. In future, an innovative solution from automotive supplier BENTELER will ensure greater safety in so-called small-overlap crashes. These are accidents that involve an oblique impact of only around 25% of the vehicle.

Controlled release of the control arm link helps deflect the vehicle from the obstacle where they would otherwise become locked together. This reduces the force exerted on the occupants in the event of a collision.


BENTELER door concept without B-pillar

BENTELER not only makes mobility lighter, safer and more sustainable – but also more convenient: to make vehicle entry easier, the metal processing specialist has developed a new door concept that removes the need for a B-pillar.

This production-ready product is even lighter than existing solutions on the market and offers improved safety and material features.


BENTELER rotor shaft components

BENTELER encompasses the expertise of its two divisions, Automotive and Steel/Tube. A current example is its entry into the rotor shaft component business – which includes e-mobility applications. Both the steel division’s metal processing expertise and the automotive division’s development experience come into play here. This is enabling the company to expand its portfolio of tubes for rotor shafts to include individual, lightweight component solutions.

BENTELER covers the entire supply chain – from its own steel production to the tube and processing of the finished component. In this way, BENTELER is making it even easier and more cost effective for its customers to get their mobility solutions on the road.


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