BENTELER achieves a TOP position in the Global KAIZEN Award for process optimization in Brazilian automotive plant

Salzburg/Camacari, November 25, 2020. At the Global Kaizen Awards ceremony, which was conducted virtually this year, BENTELER achieved a top position with its plant in Camacari, Brazil: Among the projects submitted worldwide, BENTELER took second place in the category "Operational Excellence" with its operational measures.

BENTELER Automotive Camacari won the award from the KAIZEN Institute with an innovative concept that enabled those responsible to accelerate the optimization of production processes and structures within the plant. Continuous improvements resulted in time and cost savings together with increased quality. All measures are aimed at extending BENTELER's quality lead and further improving customer satisfaction.

With this award, the KAIZEN Institute honors companies that improve their management and operational processes according to the KAIZEN methodology. In addition to the operational processes, the institute also awards prizes in the categories productivity, quality and growth strategy. KAIZEN is a Japanese term that translates approximately to "change (Kai) for the better (Zen)". It refers to a Japanese philosophy of life and work that focuses on the pursuit of continuous improvement.

"We are very proud of this prestigious award that our Brazilian colleagues in Camacari have won for BENTELER," said Mauricio Nantes, Executive Vice President Mercosur & South Africa, "In all of our eight production sites in Brazil and South Africa as well as our production facilities worldwide, we continuously work to become even faster and qualitatively better for our customers. The current success spurs us on to continue working towards this goal.”

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