BENTELER launches SMART SCM project: Continuing the implementation of Smart Factories

Vigo, June 21, 2024. Senior representatives of the Galician Innovation Agency Xunta de Galicia attended the announcement of the SMART SCM project at BENTELER’s plants in Valladares and Mos in the Galicia Region of Spain. The project, an initiative designed to implement lean processes and tools in internal logistics, will be carried out in collaboration with the Automotive Technology Center of Galicia (CTAG). It will be developed at our Valladares plant with financial support from Xunta de Galicia (GAIN) and European Funds.

Internal logistics covers the movement and storage of raw materials, packaging and finished products within the company. The SMART SCM project will optimize the internal logistics of materials and flows and also ensure greater operational efficiency, resulting in significant benefits for the entire supply chain. This approach will allow better visualization of flows and control of operating costs, guaranteeing material traceability and optimizing internal material flows.

Jorge García, Director of the BENTELER plants in Valladares and Mos stated: “We are convinced that the collaboration with CTAG and EXLA will be essential in achieving the objectives of the SMART SCM project. We are therefore delighted to have the support of the Xunta de Galicia and the European Funds. This joint effort represents an important step towards operational excellence and sustainability in our logistics practices.”

BENTELER's transformation towards the implementation of Smart Factories is a significant step in the manufacturing industry. Automation and virtual control of operations are essential to increase efficiency and production. With its outstanding expertise in metal engineering and processing, BENTELER not only improves its internal processes, but also strengthens its market position by offering advanced and specialized solutions to its customers.

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