BENTELER to present innovative solutions for the automotive industry in parallel with IAA Mobility

Paderborn/Salzburg, August 25, 2021. Visionary concept vehicles, e-mobility and disruptors: The upcoming IAA Mobility show in Munich (September 7th to 12th, 2021) promises many exciting topics and offers a look into the future. Metal processing specialist BENTELER, a global partner to the automotive industry, already offers future-oriented solutions that can be implemented today. The company's goal is to make mobility lighter, safer and more sustainable.

In early September 2021, for example, in parallel with IAA Mobility, BENTELER will present an innovation that promises increased protection in frontal collisions.

Modular electric vehicles

In the field of e-mobility, BENTELER has a production-ready, scalable platform solution for electric vehicles in its portfolio in the form of its BENTELER Electric Drive System (BEDS). Together with its partner Bosch, BENTELER has further developed the platform into a rolling chassis – also known as a "skateboard". Also jointly developed by the two companies is the Integrated E-Chassis Module (an axle with integrated drive for electric vehicles), which Bosch will be exhibiting at IAA Mobility. It will be on display from September 7th to 12th in Hall B3 Booth C30.

Efficient e-mobility solutions for passenger transportation worldwide

Relevant to IAA Mobility’s smart cities theme, BENTELER has developed a people mover solution for minibuses. This innovation, too, is based on the platform of the BENTELER Electric Drive System and provides environmentally friendly transport for up to 22 people. With this, BENTELER is offering customers around the world, an efficient e-mobility solution for passenger transportation of the future.

Solutions for battery packs and battery cooling

BENTELER’s electric vehicle solutions can be seen on its e-mobility website. These include a fully modular battery pack that can be integrated into the body of an e-vehicle. This consists of an aluminum tray, cooling, battery modules as well as fittings and high-voltage cabling and connections. New to the portfolio is a battery cooling system for vertically arranged cylindrical battery cells. The cooling elements are only a few millimeters thick, which saves space. Running between the battery cells, they dissipate heat efficiently from close to where it originates. This protects the batteries from overheating, increasing their durability. This draws on BENTELER’s long experience as one of the leading suppliers of battery trays and its high level of expertise in cooling systems.

Marco Kollmeier, Vice-President E-Mobility at BENTELER says: "Electromobility is an issue for manufacturers around the world. All eyes are now on IAA Mobility in September, the leading international mobility event. I’m very interested to see which cars and which solutions will be presented and which trends will be discussed. And I’m proud that we at BENTELER are participating in this exciting development with our innovations for the automotive industry."

BENTELER’s automotive business is also breaking new ground in the area of production. Here, for example, BENTELER is using big data to improve quality control in its plants as well as plant effectiveness. Comprehensive data analysis also helps BENTELER manufacture more sustainably. This includes the use of VR glasses, which allow engineers to perform remote maintenance and thereby reduce the amount of business travel. Find out more about BENTELER's Industry 4.0 solutions here.

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