Over 100 new trainees are starting at BENTELER across Germany

Paderborn/Salzburg, September 14, 2023. This summer, more than 100 young people started their training at a total of eight German BENTELER sites – 82 of them in the East Westphalia Lippe (OWL) region. The apprentices are starting out in a wide range of commercial and technical professions, from IT specialist to mechatronics technician and process technologist. 14 students have begun their careers in the fields of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and computer science.

From Monday to Wednesday (September 11-13), the more than 100 “newbies” gathered for joint orientation days at the Training and Development Center in Schloss Neuhaus. They were welcomed by Tobias Braun, CFO of the BENTELER Group: "We are delighted to welcome more than 100 new colleagues. At BENTELER, we are increasingly focusing on training and recruiting young talent from within our own ranks."          

Thomas Koch, Head of Training at BENTELER, added: "Our goal, especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, is to turn young people into the skilled workers of tomorrow through qualified training."

BENTELER trains at the highest level

The BENTELER Group offers training at the highest level and trains the next generation in the company's own Training and Development Center. The facility is equipped with an Industry 4.0 learning factory as well as a number of production robots, ensuring that training is optimally aligned to the requirements of digitalization and Industry 4.0.

Others also benefit from this: BENTELER currently makes its Training and Development Center available to numerous companies from the OWL region. This collaborative training approach allows smaller companies to provide high-quality training and support as many young people as possible on their path to becoming the skilled workers of tomorrow. In addition, BENTELER offers retraining programs as machine and plant operator, and process technologist.

Interdisciplinary training with a focus on technical and social skills

BENTELER training is state of the art, and that doesn't just apply to work processes. “We attach great importance to personal responsibility, independent learning and project work,” explains Thomas Koch. For example, all apprentices, from electronics technicians to materials testers, are prepared for technical and business challenges through projects related to Industry 4.0 and digitalization. In addition to technical competencies, BENTELER’s apprenticeship program also fosters social skills. This includes a three-day team and skills training program for all trainees in Germany.

Here is where the BENTELER trainees are starting their careers:

  • At the Paderborn site, the Steel/Tube Division operates a welded tube plant and a seamless tube plant. The Automotive Division operates a plant manufacturing safety components, rear and front axle beams, hot and cold formed pressed parts, as well as hydroformed tubes. BENTELER welcomed over 60 new apprentices there, including 14 combination students.
  • The Bielefeld site is home to the BENTELER Group subsidiaries BENTELER Maschinenbau and BENTELER Mechanical Engineering. The facility develops, designs and manufactures glass processing machines up to complex systems for further processing and finishing of flat glass as well as continuous furnaces and systems for the production of chassis components and structural parts. The plant welcomed ten new apprentices and one dual student.
  • At the Schwandorf site, the Automotive Division operates a plant that produces aluminum and steel chassis and structural parts for various premium OEMs. Furthermore, the Schwandorf site has a competence center for aluminum and hydroforming as well as prototype construction for chassis and structural parts. This plant has welcomed seven apprentices.
  • At the Warburg site, the Automotive Division plant produces exhaust components, tubing systems for exhaust and engine applications, and axle beams and stabilizers in the chassis area. The site is actively shaping the transformation from products for internal combustion engines to e-mobility – for example with battery struts for e-vehicles. This plant has welcomed eight apprentices.
  • At the Kleinenberg site, the Automotive Division’s plant produces engine components and is completing the transition from component manufacturer to systems specialist. Our products include modules for exhaust gas recirculation and fuel distribution systems. In addition to parts for conventional combustion engines, the site will focus on thermal management components for hybrid and electric vehicles. This plant has welcomed six apprentices.
  • The Automotive Division has a plant in Eisenach. With a press shop that specializes in the production of cold-formed parts made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum, and an assembly shop that uses various welding and joining processes, the plant offers its customers products with a high level of vertical integration. This plant has welcomed four apprentices.
  • At the Dinslaken site, BENTELER Steel/Tube operates a plant for the production of hot-rolled tubes. This plant has welcomed six apprentices.
  • In Lingen, the Steel/Tube Division operates a plant that produces steel from 100% scrap. This plant has welcomed one new apprentice.
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