BENTELER makes it happen: innovative solution from Louviers

A team in Louviers, France, has found a way to press and drill profiles with just one tool. The result: fewer tool changes, lower costs and faster production.

What happens when colleagues from different teams working together on an idea? Innovative solutions emerge. This is what happened in the BENTELER Automotive plant in Louviers. Tooling, Maintenance and Mechanical Engineering teams have come up with a way to press and drill profiles with a single tool. "We asked ourselves whether we could not integrate the drilling unit directly into the pressing process," explains Hamid Khemchane, industrial engineer at the BENTELER Automotive plant in Louviers.

From a technical point of view, this is a rather unusual idea at first glance. The profile has to be stabilized accordingly during the pressing process to make the hole. "We can now carry out the drilling directly within the pressing process. This eliminates the need for a complete tool. In this way, we achieve our goals faster and create added value for our customers," adds Khemchane. A further advantage is that this innovation can be transferred to other systems - the patent application has already been filed.

About the Automotive plant in Louviers:

BENTELER produces here bumpers and bumper components since 2001. Among other things, we operate an automatic line at this plant that bends aluminum profiles into bumpers. From now on, we will drill the necessary holes here directly.

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