BENTELER Statement on the Corona Pandemic

Salzburg, April 8, 2020. The coronavirus also affects the BENTELER Group. Our primary goal is to protect the health of our employees. As an international group represented in China, we have been working for weeks on measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus. We are using this knowledge for all our sites worldwide and have implemented a comprehensive and globally coordinated package of measures at an early stage. This includes among other things:

- Worldwide precaution plans in the event of an infection at a BENTELER site

- Sensitization and information on behaviour rules and on the subject of hygiene; increased cleaning frequencies • No business trips, as well as the recommendation not to travel privately

- Virtual conferences instead of presence meetings

- Closure of the canteens

- If possible mobile working ("home office")

BENTELER temporarily stops production in almost all plants

Numerous automobile manufacturers have announced that they will tempororarily stop production due to the corona pandemic. As a supplier, the BENTELER Group is joining this decision and temporarily suspending operations at those locations where it works with the respective customers. This affects almost all plants of the Automotive Division in Europe, North and South America and South Africa. The Steel/Tube Division has also temporarily stopped or reduced production at some locations due to the corona pandemic.

The temporary stop of production is a major challenge for the employees affected and for us as a company. In close cooperation with the works councils, authorities and our customers, we have found solutions. These are, for example, mobile working, reduction of overtime, unpaid leave or temporary part-time work. The form depends on the legislation and the specific situation in each country.

The situation is constantly changing

Important is: We are doing everything in our power to minimize the negative impact on our employees, their families and the company. At the same time, as an employer we have a responsibility to secure jobs. Our goal is to continue to secure production for our customers wherever possible without endangering the health of our employees. We all bear responsibility - for ourselves and our fellow citizens.

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