CAR-Symposium 2019: BENTELER presents innovative steel tube solutions

Paderborn/Salzburg, February 08, 2019 – At the CAR-Symposium in Bochum (February 06-07, 2019) BENTELER presented itself as a technology partner for steel tube solutions. With over 1200 participants per year, this event has become a renowned trade meeting for the automotive industry.

In a presentation accompanied by an exhibition, BENTELER Steel/Tube introduced its lightweight steel tube solutions for the automotive sector. With over 100 years of expertise in steel and tube production, the Steel/Tube division, part of the global BENTELER Group, provides innovative solutions for the future of mobility, among many other products.

Tube solutions reduce component weight

Our tubes and tube-based component solutions support crucial trends in the automotive industry, such as lightweight construction, CO2 reduction and safety. "We make our customers' components lighter by replacing components made of solid bars with tube solutions. For instance, tube-based anti-roll bars can reduce the component weight by up to 35 percent,” explains Christian Wiethüchter, COO and CSO BENTELER Steel/Tube. For cars with conventional drives, this reduction in weight also leads to a reduction in fuel consumption and environmental impact. For electric vehicles, BENTELER’s new lightweight solutions can increase the vehicles’ reach significantly.

The new varID® technology achieves an even greater weight reduction

The specially developed varlD® technology can even reduce component weight by another 15 percent. Dr. Thomas Säuberlich, Head of development in the automotive applications field at BENTELER Steel/Tube, explains: “varID® tubes are tubes with a variable internal diameter. This means their wall thickness is adapted to the varying stresses acting on the component: The material is only thicker in areas subject to high stress. In low-stress areas, a reduced wall thickness requires significantly less material.”

Innovative high-tensile steels increase car safety

BENTELER has been at the forefront of trends in the automotive industry for many years, thanks to running its own steel mill and the associated material expertise. Due to their stability, the innovative high-tensile steels don’t just permit substantial material savings. They also increase the safety of the vehicle and its passengers. For instance, safety components such as crash boxes made of high-manganese steel can absorb significantly more energy - and therefore represent a crucial contribution to increased passenger safety in accidents.

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