Shanghai/Paderborn, April 20, 2017. BENTELER Automotive is celebrating the world premiere of its Electric Drive System at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, starting tomorrow. The fully in-house designed chassis system will provide an unprecedented degree of functional flexibility and will facilitate integrated solutions in the field of electric mobility. This way, customers will save several years of development time and this will enable them to accelerate their growth.

The BENTELER Electric Drive System will offer a new level of functional flexibility, while at the same time accounting for emission reductions, lightweight construction and the highest safety standards. It will include modules and components such as the battery storage system, the electrified front and the rear axles as well as the crash management and suspension systems, which are scalable for numerous vehicle segments. This way, the BENTELER Electric Drive System will create improved synergies with adjacent elements and a more efficient vehicle architecture. With the company’s experience in module assembly, different electric motor types will be integrated according to customers’ requirements.

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