Sustainable power through wind energy for BENTELER plant in Kleinenberg

Kleinenberg/Paderborn, February 22, 2019. Since early 2019, the BENTELER site Kleinenberg has been connected to the local wind farm Asseln in Lichtenau. This allows the plant to cover part of its power consumption through wind energy, improving its CO2 balance. Extensive renovation work at the Kleinenberg plant was required to make the wind-based power supply possible. We completed this construction work in just four months.

“In general, we take important environmental aspects into account right from the development phase of our products and in the construction planning of our locations,” explains Sebastian Thoele, plant manager of the Kleinenberg plant, BENTELER Automotive.

“The plant has grown steadily in the past years. So when that forced us to expand the power grid for the plant, it was an easy decision: In the future, we will get our power through wind energy to help the environment.”

The cooperation of BENTELER and Asselner Windkraft GmbH & Co. KG lays the technical foundations for a long-term partnership. For instance, in future it will be possible to get as much as 50 percent of the power required by the plant directly through wind energy. This corresponds to the amount of electricity that would be required to supply 2,000 households for a full year.

You can find further information on our sustainability activities and get directly to our sustainability report here.

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