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BENTELER EV Systems GmbH is a legally independent business unit focused on e-mobility systems. We are driving the transformation to the future of e-mobility by developing and supplying innovative systems, platforms and autonomous movers for the vehicle markets of tomorrow.
The value structure of electric vehicles has changed. It might look as though software has taken over this industry but, in the end, every algorithm needs hardware that no app or software can deliver.We offer these hardware solutions, combining reliable technology and know-how of the legacy automotive world with the new, urgently needed technologies for electric vehicles.

Since our foundation in April 2017, we’ve been working with internationally active companies, setting up several prototype vehicles for innovative passenger cars. All these cars have already been independently tested by the European motoring press, some of which can be seen in the YouTube links that you’ll find on this page.
We bring expertise and credibility. Our modules and platform technology answer the challenges of the EV market: Time-to-market, cost efficiency and vehicle performance. The result is an outstanding portfolio that puts us in an ideal position for the mobility market of the future.

Shape the future of e-mobility – with BENTELER

Our comprehensive expertise in automotive engineering and industrialization combined with the constant implementation of new e-mobility technologies makes us an enabler and accelerator of future mobility.

Our productpillars


Our battery pack and E-Chassis modules form the core of the EV. They deliver the performance in terms of range and drivability and thereby provide solutions for the most complex systems.

BEDs Platform

The integration of individual systems and modules in the underbody provides a complete rolling platform with which an EV can be built very quickly while maintaining its individual DNA.

Our modules in detail

Integrated e-chassis module

Dynamically outstanding

The integrated e-chassis module (IEM) is a combination of BENTELER’s chassis technology and Bosch’s e-axle and electric steering (EPS) together with Vibracoustic’s NVH technology, which includes motor and chassis mounts.
The IEM provides a high degree of modularity without sacrificing the ability to customize the chassis to a manufacturer’s specific requirements.
This has been made possible by the functional development applied here for the first time. It’s focused on the functional fulfillment of systems and components and thereby specifically includes geometric scalability. This ensures, for example, that the NVH concept can still be fulfilled and that the steering system can function as planned, even if the subframe has to be modified because of body attachment-points or a change of wheel track.
The IEM covers the complete development of the chassis system including drivability, NVH and packaging. The IEM performance was demonstrated on a test bench powered by the EDU integrated in the IEM.

Our modular battery pack

Optimized for safety and performance

Our innovative battery tray concepts combine high side-impact crash resistance with cost-effective large-scale production techniques, for example the deep-drawn housing. The battery modules feature integrated cooling plates for high cooling efficiency, best battery performance and durability. They also enable a short process chain for manufacturing the battery pack. The battery pack can be easily customized to different cell types such as prismatic, pouch or cylindrical cells and is suitable for systems from 400V to 800V systems as well as fast charging.

Our platforms in detail

BENTELER Electric Drive System

The integration of individual systems and modules in the underbody provides a complete rolling platform with which an EV can be built very quickly while maintaining its individual DNA.
The modularity and scalability of the platform allow for a variety of different application options and adaptation to different vehicle types. This in turn enables OEMs to quickly build their new vehicles and eNEW OEMs to conveniently implement their mobility strategies and visions.
The platform can be adapted to customer needs and applications using the existing design and components. The scalability provides a large degree of freedom in the choice of vehicle type and range, while performance can be individually defined. Driving behavior/comfort is guaranteed by our chassis systems and the body can be freely designed.


  • Significant reduction in time to market for new OEMs
  • Modularity allows the platform to be adapted for different types of vehicle with minimal development effort
  • Offers rolling chassis solution, resulting in even quicker EV integration
  • NVH is comparable to the current benchmark for premium EVs
  • The performance of the BEDS prototype has been validated on test rigs and during test drives

You’ve got specific questions about our products? We’ll be happy to answer them.

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