The future of mobility

BENTELER makes the mobility of the future safer and more sustainable. As of recently, we’ve underlined this ambition by establishing a new business area: fully electric, autonomous movers.

With the HOLON brand, we are driving the transformation to an autonomous, emobility future. In doing so, we draw upon our comprehensive know-how in the automotive sector, in industrialization and in the implementation of new emobility technologies.

Autonomous movers are an essential part of tomorrow's mobility. Emission-free, comfortable, reliable and above all inclusive.

The HOLON brand emerged from the former BENTELER EV Systems business unit at the end of 2022.

Making mobility possible for all

We are setting ambitious goals with our autonomous mover. We’re demonstrating that emission-free, safe, comfortable and inclusive passenger transportation is possible. And thus provides an answer to social megatrends. Urbanization with corresponding traffic problems in cities, changes in climate or demography.

HOLON will be the first OEM for autonomous movers with the standards and scaling potential we know from the automotive industry: Leading in safety, passenger comfort and production quality. With our platform technology, our vehicle expertise and our strong partner network, it’s our goal to redefine passenger transport – in both the public and private sectors.


Autonomous mobility: New HOLON brand established for the future-oriented autonomous mover segment

The benchmark for open EV platforms

Our expertise gained from the well-known BENTELER Electric Drive System (BEDS) has been incorporated into the development of the mover. With its modular and scalable approach, the production-ready platform offers a wide range of application options for different vehicle segments. We achieve this by reusing existing designs and components, and not having to start from scratch each time. This saves our customers time and money. 

Range and battery power can be individually defined; vehicle behavior and comfort is guaranteed by our chassis system and the body can be freely designed.

HOLON - the best of both worlds

With HOLON, we’re combining the expertise, network and resources of a renowned company in the automotive industry with the speed, passion and entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up. This gives our customers the best of both worlds.

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