Armored Vehicles

Light on weight, heavy on protection

Our lightweight solutions are designed to keep vehicle occupants safe. From entire side walls to self-sealing fuel tanks, we supply over 10,000 parts per year to car manufacturers and producers of heavy armored vehicles. Because passenger safety is always uppermost in our minds. Whether it’s for a head of state, a peacekeeping force or the CEO of a multinational concern.

We know how to form and join metal like nobody else. We are specialists at producing geometrically complex components for protection solutions. In addition, we offer a range of services, from concept development through to validation and series production. Benefit from the optimum balance between lighter weight, maximum protection and simpler production.

Thinner, lighter, stronger

Our own BENTELER Security Steels, BSEC510 and BSEC610 have been specially developed for hot forming and offer excellent results for additional processing. Combining these or standard armored plating with a range of coatings enables us to reduce weight and thickness by an additional 10-15 %. We also offer solutions using aluminum and composite materials.

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