Chassis components

Safe and customer specific

BENTELER is the specialist for the development and manufacturing of chassis components such as front and rear crossmembers and subframes, twistbeam axles and a wide range of control arms and knuckles.

Many million parts are produced in our plants around the world every year and delivered in outstanding quality to our customers. Our development expertise is often requested by our customers at the pre-development stage. We develop components to best meet customer requirements, which are then manufactured using innovative materials and forming and joining technologies.

We have defined standards and developed processes for efficient development, many of which are highly automated, enabling fast and qualified delivery of our solutions. Supply chain management and sustainability are recognized customer requirements and part of our strategy.

Complete chassis systems, all under one roof

BENTELER offers a broad product portfolio for lightweight construction solutions.

Front subframes

Crash optimized and electric vehicle compatible

Today’s front subframes must be crash optimized in order to fulfil the latest requirements for passenger safety, the needs of electric vehicles and sustainability. An extensive modular system ensures development and production are implemented efficiently and in the highest quality possible using the latest simulation techniques, innovative materials and manufacturing processes. We supply our customers with steel, aluminum and hybrid solutions and often need just a single prototyping phase to validate the design and process.

Rear subframes

Durable, light and functional

This product family includes all multilink variants made of steel and aluminum. For the manufacture of steel subframes, innovative forming and joining processes such as 3D U-O forming and "Tailored Formed Blank” (TFB) technology are used in addition to conventional methods. Aluminum subframes are made using cast components and extruded sections that are then joined together. A predefined, comprehensive system of modular components allows fast and effective concept development together with our customers. This has already been expanded to meet the requirements of electric vehicles. Here again, only one prototype phase is needed to validate the design and processes.


Optimized to perfection

The twist-beam rear axle must provide a combination of driving dynamics and ride comfort within a predetermined installation space. This makes it one of the more complex chassis components. We achieve the perfect balance of all required characteristics at the optimum weight and cost. Quickly and reliably thanks to the use of in-house developed tools, innovative forming and joining techniques and precisely defined standards. Special solutions are available for an extended range of applications, for example a higher axle load spread or a driven rear axle. The twist-beam axle can then also be used as an alternative to a multi-link axle.

Links / Control Arms / Knuckles

Lighter and stiffer

BENTELER produces more than 14 million simple and complex control arms, links and knuckle per year. Manufactured from steel and aluminum, they are used in a wide range of our customer’s axle concepts. Ultra-high strength grades of steel (up to 1000 Mpa) are formed into safety-relevant chassis components. For extruded aluminum control arms, such as spring control arms, BENTELER uses the so-called stretch-bending process. This allows the weight to be reduced by up to 35%, with up to 50% higher stiffness compared to conventional materials.

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