Module assemblies

Skillfully developed and brought to production

BENTELER is your qualified partner for the development and production of vehicle modules, especially in the chassis area. We develop and validate systems and components together with the associated interfaces.

Thanks to our experienced team, optimized processes and standardized tools, we deliver projects quickly and efficiently. Component suppliers are carefully selected and qualified where necessary and our high-quality production is assured by the latest manufacturing technologies.

BENTELER’s strategy is oriented to our customers and the market whereby topics such supply chain management and sustainability (CO2-footprint) play an increasingly important role. As part of our global presence, we offer fast local solutions with efficient logistics and low stock requirements.

A world of experience. On your doorstep.

BENTELER has more than 13 million modules in series production in 23 Just-in-Time / Just-in-Sequence plants worldwide for all vehicle segments. Our assembly plants are located close to our customers, ensuring short distances and response times.

BENTELER Module Assemblies are categorized in the following areas

Front suspension

Rear multilink


Rear twist beam



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