Profitability, sustainability, machinability. BENTELER SMARTCUT® combines the advantages of highly machinable free cutting steels with the geometric advantages of a tube and thus optimizes machining. Thanks to this innovative combination, material savings of over 50% compared to bar steel are not uncommon, coupled with excellent machinability.

Steel tubes with the sulfur boost

Better machinability and higher profitability

BENTELER SMARTCUT® is the first tube manufactured from free cutting steel. Our tube solutions are optimally suited as a primary material for machining. The minimum sulfur content of 0.10% in BENTELER SMARTCUT®, which is around three to ten times higher than usual, means that our customers can process tubes better and at lower cost. The material concept allows faster machining and, thanks to the stability, without human interaction. Machining costs can therefore be reduced by up to 40% compared with standard steels.


Free cutting steel: material properties with special advantages

Prevent tangled swarf, improve chip formation, increase process stability

Free cutting steel’s optimized material properties offer clear advantages in machining operations. As a result, our free cutting steel tubes can solve typical machining challenges such as:

  • Tangled swarf due to lack of or insufficient chip breaking.
  • High tool wear
  • Machining processes that are not stable and require frequent operator intervention
  • Different processing behavior between different material batches

This can stabilize turning processes as well as increase tool service life by up to 400%.

Innovative solutions for diverse applications

Find your optimal product – in large and small quantities

The product line of both hot-rolled and cold-drawn seamless steel tubes offers optimized designs for various applications. Economical machining can thereby be achieved in both smaller quantities and large-scale series production.

Individually customizable

With BENTELER SMARTCUT®, we provide seamless tube solutions for machining companies, machine builders and manufacturers of precision workpieces. Amongst others, turned parts and individual special shapes from drawings, such as couplings, sockets or sleeves, can be produced from free cutting steel. In cooperation with our customers, we develop custom-fit solutions and can tailor the material properties of the free cutting steel to individual needs. In addition, the tubes can be supplied with customized processing, such as a machined inner surface or pre-cut as a short length. Our tubes can be supplied with heat treatment, for example quenched and tempered.

Good for the environment

Are you FIT FOR 55?

With our tubes made from CO2-reduced free cutting steel, we help you to comply with the specifications of the EU Green Deal. BENTELER SMARTCUT® tubes are guaranteed lead-free in accordance with the EU REACH Regulation and protect the environment. In addition, steel production in our own electric steel mill generates up to 75% less CO2 than the blast furnace route often used for bar steel. CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced further by using green electricity.

This is how we can help you achieve your climate targets.

Find out more about sustainability: Green Tubes Strategy

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