Tubes for energy applications

Full speed ahead

Extreme temperatures, acidic and corrosive environments, extreme pressure: Tubes for the energy industry have to withstand all this and more. Working with you, we develop products specific and individually adapted grades of steel to meet your needs. Flexibly and at short notice, thanks to our optimized production and integrated value chain. As a result, you receive your steel tube solutions punctually and reliably on the agreed date. All around the world.

OCTG/Line Pipe - Tube for oil and gas production

The requirements in the field of exploration are high. Very high. Which is why we manufacture seamless tube products with precisely measured tolerances and specific material properties.

Drill pipe

Homogeneous quality, reliable operation

High quality means longer life. We achieve this by focusing on very high dimensional accuracy. Our materials are suitable for heat treatment of all API grades as well as numerous sour gas resistant grades and grades with high toughness. This also includes recyclable materials in accordance with the NS-1 quality standard, which enables you to work in the best possible way.


Highly resilient thanks to the highest quality

Collapse and burst resistant, stretchable, acid and sweet gas resistant: Our seamless tubes for casing made from heat-treated steels up to Cr13 meet all API requirements regarding load capacity. Thanks to precisely defined tolerances and improved quality classes. Our threaded tubes are consistent in outside diameter and wall thickness. Ask about our customized solutions for API, semi-premium and premium threaded connections.


Flexible processing, for every requirement

The requirements in the energy sector are constantly changing. That’s why we offer green tubes made from high-quality materials that can be processed flexibly. For many applications. Our plain-end non-upset pipes are suitable for various target grades and are available from an outside diameter of 1". We also offer sour and sweet gas resistant delivery tubes in chemical compositions with up to 13 % Cr – for both API and premium applications.

Hollow Carriers

Best mechanical properties – in every system

From shallow drilling to deep water applications, from traditional tasks to state-of-the-art solutions: Our hollow carriers for perforating guns are ideally suited for demanding perforation systems. Each one has been optimized for the individual application – for close industry and customer-specific tolerances. You can rely on their excellent mechanical properties. After all, we’ve been testing all kinds of chemical compositions for over ten years.

Coupling Stock and Accessories

A perfect fit for oil and gas accessories

Our dimensionally stable hot-finished tube gives you precisely fitting pre-materials for the manufacture of oil and gas accessories such as pup joints, crossovers, blast joints and coupling stock. Also available as tempered. Our cold-drawn products with tight tolerances are also available in acid and sweet gas resistant grades – with a yield strength of up to 1,200 megapascals.

Line Pipe

Made for extremes

Extreme temperatures, acidic and corrosive environments: no problem for our Line Pipe thanks to its first-class surface finish. We offer multiple certifications, Q&T and PSL2 pipes that meet industry standards as well as your specific requirements. And we are constantly expanding our partnerships and expertise so that we can offer you an excellent service in the field of Line Pipe with small outer diameters.


The benchmark in the drilling industry

Whether mining, mineralogy, geothermal energy or infrastructure: our drill pipes are in continual use. And that in a wide variety of soil formations around the world. Our individually manufactured tubes have the lowest residual stresses coupled with extreme straightness. They stand out thanks to their high strength and very fine tolerances. The services we offer along the entire supply chain even give us the flexibility in tailoring the individual chemical composition.

Energy generation needs innovative solutions

2,100 football fields

That’s the area covered by this gigantic complex of solar power plants. In the middle of Morocco. We supplied over 1,000 tons of cold-drawn heat exchanger tubes for this purpose – in lengths of almost 23 meters. Thanks to their ability to withstand temperatures of up to 550° C and higher, our heat exchanger tubes have no problem with the temperatures prevailing here.

BENTELER Special Hot Finished stands for special tolerances in the hot-rolled tubes

We’ve been manufacturing these precisely according to the individual requirements for customers all over the world for 20 years. Our innovative steel tubes are characterized by significant weight savings. Which is one of the reasons why we’ve conquered the international market with them.

Heat transfer - Tubes for heat transfer

Extremely pressure and temperature resistant, strong and durable. That sums up our steel pipes for modern power generation, together with the associated ancillary equipment. In addition, we supply solutions for applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Our portfolio includes prefabrication and has become one of the most comprehensive.

Boiler tubes

Reliable, even at temperatures up to 620° C

From power and waste incineration plants to chemical, petrochemical, paper and sugar industries, our boiler tubes are hard at work everywhere. Because they do everything and they do it for a very long time. In all commercially available steel grades – up to and including T24, T91 (type 1+2), T92 and X20 CrMoV 11-1. For heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) of gas-fired power stations, we supply our seamless hot rolled steel pipes up to a length of 23 meters. We also produce complete serpentine tubes for superheaters.

Heat exchanger tubes

Exact, high-precision and up to 25 m long

Wherever there is classical heat transfer between different liquids, our heat exchanger tubes are in demand. Whether it’s seamless cold-drawn or welded, straight or U-formed. Whether it’s energy generation, the chemical and petrochemical industries or reactor construction, their versatility is widely appreciated. Available as straight tubes in lengths of up to 25 meters or as U-tubes. Formed with high-precision thanks to our automatic bending machine that can handle even the smallest radii.


Safe hydrogen distribution

Safe? Safe! Our BENTELER HYRESIST® tubes and pipes for hydrogen are so safe that they even exceed the requirements of the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) for line pipes for distribution networks, be it hydrogen-compliant steel analysis, pressure resistance or homogeneous structure. Thanks to their optimized mechanical values and the high purity of the steel materials used, they also prevent hydrogen embrittlement. This makes our seamless hot-rolled hydrogen tubes and pipes particularly robust and durable.

Multi-lead rifled tubes

A lead angle for every need

Special boilers, special requirements. Our Optimized Multi-Lead rifled tubes are just made for them. For example, their 40º lead angle ensures efficient boiler technology in vertically tubed special boilers. For spiral-tubed boilers, our seamless, cold-drawn Multi-Lead Rifled Tubes with their 30º lead angle provide ideal heat transfer.

Serpentine Tubes

Formed to specification, flexible in operation

Ideal for use in power plants and waste incineration plants: our flat coils made of unalloyed and alloyed steels. Individually formed to your requirements. Exactly according to the specification. They enable a compact design and are highly flexible in operation.

You’ve got specific questions about our products? We’ll be happy to answer them.

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