Tubes for industry applications

Solutions that function perfectly

Safety, stability, weight reduction. These are what count in construction. In hydraulics and precision engineering, on the other hand, tight dimensional tolerances, resistance to high pressure, consistent production quality and corrosion protection are also important.

A very wide range of applications with a variety of special requirements for which we supply you with specific solutions: Whether in mechanical engineering, for agricultural machinery, construction machinery or in the field of infrastructure and crane construction. Our high-quality seamless and welded steel tubes offer ideal properties for optimal additional processing. And thanks to modern production processes and value-based supplier relationships, they help you meet your sustainability goals, too.


A range of high-performance products means complete success

High pressure, intense mechanical stress? It’s not a problem for our seamless and welded steel tubes. They make their mark with precise geometry and optimal material properties. The right coating protects them perfectly against corrosion where necessary.

Tubes for cylinder production

Smooth inside, tough outside

High cold ductility, consistent quality and good internal surface properties – ideal properties for cylinder production. Internally, our tube products have minimal roughness, particularly close diameter tolerances and customer-specific machining allowances – ideally suited to additional processing. In addition, you benefit from our long process experience with skived and roller-burnished tubes. Even if they need a finish.

Piston tubes

Lightweight custom made

Our high-quality piston tube solutions offer great weight-saving potential as an alternative to solid bar. Thanks to our know-how, we also achieve tight dimensional tolerances and low ovality of the piston tubes.  Moreover, they offer high straightness and low roughness.


Our protection for your tubes

Perfect corrosion protection is frequently called for in hydraulics. Our line tubes have the ideal finish for this thanks to innovative ZISTA solutions. We’ve developed several variants of this excellent surface protection for line tubes: ZISTA CRF®, ZISTA® SEAL Zistaplex® and Doppelzista. Our tubes can also be bent and formed very well and also impress with their good adhesion and ductility.

  • ZISTA CRF®: the particularly environmentally compatible coating for precision steel tubes
  • ZISTA® SEAL: additional sealing for better corrosion protection, even after forming
  • Zistaplex®: our solution for the most demanding property profiles with even higher corrosion protection thanks to an additional organic surface layer
  • Doppelzista: the answer when you also want to protect the inner surface of the tube.

Material solutions for hydraulic line tubes

Unremitting in operation

Better performance in hydraulic systems? No problem. Our HPL500 combines higher fatigue strength with good formability. Its better mechanical properties allow a significant weight reduction and higher flow rates together with higher pressures and greater efficiency. The result: smooth operation.


The optimal solution for your process

Whether it’s for machine and plant construction, the manufacture of turned parts or in wind turbines: thanks to the optimum combination of geometry, machinability and strength, our steel tubes perform heavy-duty work in many different industrial sectors. It’s good to know that we supply our seamless and welded steel tubes in all common standards and steel grades that weld particularly well. And in a wide range of dimensions.


Steel tubes in mechanical engineering

Best performance and cost effectiveness

From steel production to finished tube – all from a single source. We continuously monitor all important process parameters and material properties. From coordinating the heat treatment, optimally adjusting lengths and determining close–to-final-contour dimensions all the way to application of the materials. Our easily welded steel grades and green pipes made from steels with excellent machinability meet international standards.

Steel tubes for the construction industry

Lightweight powerhouses

Safe and stable with reduced weight: Pipes in the construction industry have to perform well. For crane construction or injection anchors, for example. To this end, we develop innovative materials and specific technical solutions together with our customers. We supply our tubes in special grades and constantly optimize them. For example, by reducing their weight and thereby the costs of the construction as a whole. You can also rely on individual logistics concepts and just-in-time deliveries.

BENTELER Terradrill

The benchmark in the drilling industry

Whether mining, mineralogy, geothermal energy or infrastructure: our drill pipes are in continual use. And this in the most diverse soil formations worldwide. Our individually manufactured tubes have the lowest residual stresses coupled with extreme straightness. They convince with their high strength very fine tolerances. The services we offer along the entire supply chain even give us the flexibility in tailoring the individual chemical composition.

Innovative solutions for a wide range of applications

The innovative game changer

BENTELER SMARTCUT® tube is a new, unique solution wherever machined products are needed. This unique seamless tube made from free cutting steel reduces unnecessary machining steps and waste associated with solid bar. Its elevated sulphur content allows increased machining speeds, larger cuts, and longer tool life compared to standard steel tubes. It’s also guaranteed lead free in line with the EU REACH regulation. And because it’s produced from steel made in an electric arc furnace, its carbon footprint is 70% less than steel from a traditional blast furnace.


The BENTELER TubeEngineer

Your digital companion for selecting the optimal tube solution

The TubeEngineer is a user-friendly online tube configurator that assists engineers in finding tailored tube solutions for demanding applications. With our extensive experience and comprehensive expertise, we provide quick results and comprehensive support, from configuration to validation. Discover the TubeEngineer and optimize your tube selection today!

BENTELER TubeEngineer

Optimizes corrosion protection for our Zista® product family

As a leading company for coated hydraulic and fluid line tubes, BENTELER Steel/Tube is committed to technical innovation. With our innovative BENTELER TITAN galvanizing process, we are now taking the corrosion protection of the line tubes in our ZISTA® product family to the next level: we are improving corrosion resistance by more than 50 percent! The proven processing properties for bending or attaching connection systems are maintained.

Lifelines for powerhouses

Almost every second hydraulic line in a crane, excavator, tractor, combine harvester or truck is "made by BENTELER". With HPL500 we offer our customers a new, extremely efficient line tube for hydraulic systems. The durable material helps to save weight while reliably withstanding very high pressures.

Happy campers, safe and sound

From the gas bottle to the stove, refrigerator and heating: Over the past five years, leading recreational vehicle manufacturers in Europe have installed more than 8,000 kilometers of our tube solutions. That’s longer than the distance to the center of the earth. Our ZISTAPLEX® tubes ensure carefree holidays!

You’ve got specific questions about our products? We’ll be happy to answer them.

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