We support our customers to reach their climate goals.

The BENTELER Group supports its customers in reconciling climate and resource protection together with exacting quality requirements. To achieve sustainable added value we consider the life cycle of the products that are most important for our customers – from the use of raw materials through development, production and use to disposal and recycling. We actively involve employees in this process. Our goal is to promote environmentally conscious thinking and behavior along the entire value chain. 

Research for the future

Around 85% of our product portfolio is independent of the method of propulsion. The entire automotive industry is, however, changing significantly because ecological impacts need to be reduced, and also because of innovations such as partial and, in future, fully autonomous driving. BENTELER has therefore set up a research department that continuously monitors and analyzes future trends. This creates roadmaps for customer-independent innovation projects. The aim here is to expand relevant know-how even before initial customer inquiries and to be able to offer customers pre-developed products and processes. 


International Research & Development

Lightweight construction and the careful use of resources are the focus of our Automotive Division’s research and pre-development projects. Sustainability aspects have been integrated into the innovation process, which comprises idea management, concept, laboratory and series production phases. For each project phase, firmly defined services must be provided – based on the generally used system of readiness levels (technological, economic, production-related). A sustainability checklist is considered as early as the ideation phase. This includes topics such as: 

  • Materials, resources, procurement (purchased parts) 
  • Production (energy and logistics) 
  • Product or process use 
  • Recycling

In the last two project phases of the innovation process, complete life cycle assessments are prepared to enable a detailed analysis of specific solutions. These are then optimized and possible negative effects are further reduced. 


Innovations for climate protection

With our products and solutions, we contribute to making future mobility lighter, safer and more sustainable, independent of the type of propulsion. We invest extensively in research and development in order to bring solutions for products and systems, materials, and processes to market. To ensure that mobility puts less strain on the climate, we focus primarily on e-mobility, lightweight construction and environmentally friendly solutions for combustion engines for our customers. 


With its EV Systems division, the BENTELER Group has specialist expertise in the complete system technology for electric vehicles. With the BENTELER Electric Drive System, the division has presented a scalable and modular platform for electric vehicles.

As a result of consistently driving development forward, an autonomous mover is being developed in which the know-how of all subsystems is integrated. In addition to global sales, industrialization and production are initially planned for the USA. The goal is to contribute with the mover, as an autonomous shuttle for passenger transport or "last mile delivery", to the mobility of the future.

HYRESIST Pipes for decarbonization

Green hydrogen is an opportunity for decarbonization of the industrial sector, especially for energy-intensive sectors such as steel and cement. Many countries see a large area of application in refineries and the chemical and petrochemical industries, where gray hydrogen already plays an important role. In the mobility sector, important areas of application are seen in bus and heavy goods transport.


Countries such as Japan and China are also focusing on its use in passenger cars. In this context, the Steel/Tube Division has already created specifications for hot-rolled hydrogen-carrying tubes, some of which exceed the requirements for these products. In this way, we are supporting industry in establishing a hydrogen infrastructure.

Further specifications for cold-drawn and welded hydrogen-bearing tubes for industrial applications and small hydrogen-bearing tubes for vehicles are currently being developed. 


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