We support our customers in achieving their climate goals.

The BENTELER Group supports its customers in reconciling climate and resource protection with exacting quality requirements. To achieve sustainable value creation, we consider the entire life cycle of the products that are most important to our customers – from the purchase and use of raw materials, through development, production and use, to disposal and recycling. Our goal is to promote environmentally conscious thinking and behavior along the entire value chain.

Future-oriented portfolio

As an innovative partner, we develop, produce and distribute solutions worldwide for the automotive, energy, and mechanical engineering sectors. The portfolio encompasses products, systems, and services that are offered worldwide.




„We accurately record greenhouse gas emissions produced during the manufacture of our products. This enables us to identify the relevant levers for further reduction. Our customers benefit too: Our transparency enables them to significantly improve their own data quality." 

Karoline Käsewieter, Development Engineer Research and Development,
BENTELER Automotive

Automotive Division

We are moving at the same fast pace as the ongoing transformation taking place in the automotive industry. For climate protection, we look for solutions to reduce emissions along the entire value chain. In addition to these trends, we take into account customer requirements for the supply chain, developments related to the circular economy, and electrification when designing its product portfolio. Always with the goal of making tomorrow's mobility safer and more sustainable.


Since 2014, our portfolio has included a comprehensive range of products specifically for electric vehicles. These include battery trays and e-rotor shafts in the components area and e-axles in the modules area. This is also reflected in the newly named “Thermal & Tubular” business unit, which is focusing increasingly on components for electric vehicles.

With the ongoing electrification of the portfolio, BENTELER is ready for a fully electric future and the upcoming ban in the EU on new vehicle registrations with combustion engines. 91% of automotive sales are already generated with drivetrain-agnostic products.

Steel/Tube Division

With a relatively small proportion of standard products, Steel/Tube offers over 85% customized and tailor-made products. Sustainability and electric mobility are also of crucial importance here.

Our customers are increasingly concerned about the carbon footprint of materials in order to achieve their own sustainability goals. As part of the Product Carbon Footprint calculations (PCFs), the phases from material procurement to when a product leaves the BENTELER premises are analyzed (“From Cradle to Gate”).

Reducing vehicle weight

BENTELER has over 44 hot-forming lines worldwide. With this technology, high-strength products can be manufactured using the minimum of material, thereby ensuring high safety with minimal weight. In addition, we can offer design solutions made of high-strength aluminum or steel that reduce weight by up to 30%. High-strength steel enables a thinner-walled design of tubes. Substituting solid material solutions with tube solutions or designing tube wall thicknesses according to load factors also contributes to a significant reduction in weight – a topic that is on the long-term agenda at BENTELER Steel/Tube where investigations are carried out on an ongoing basis.

Sustainability is taken into account in research and pre-development projects, for example, through lightweight construction and resource conservation. An innovation process exists in the Automotive Division for this that includes the phases of idea management, concept, laboratory and series maturity.

Automotive standards

Autonomous mobility: New HOLON brand established for the future-oriented autonomous mover segment

Automotive standards

HOLON manufactures the first autonomous mover built to automotive standards. Autonomous, inclusive, sustainable and safe, the mover is designed for the demanding everyday life of local public transport. With a high level of comfort, the mover can be used in a variety of ways, for example to connect rural and urban areas. Reliable and sustainable, the fully electric HOLON mover travels at a maximum speed of 60 km/h and has a range of around 290 kilometers.

Inclusive mobility

HOLON wants to make mobility available to everyone. Accordingly, the vehicle offers barrier-free transport for people and goods. The vehicle can be entered and used independently by people with strollers as well as by people with disabilities. With an integrated fully automatic ramp, a dedicated wheelchair position and automatic restraint, the mover sets new standards for barrier-free driving. Infotainment provides an intuitive and easily understood display of information with audiovisual signals and additional markings in Braille.

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