More than just sending a box from A to B

Efficient material planning, global freight management, digitalization of the supply chain: The diverse requirements of modern supply chain management in the automotive industry are extremely complex.

Despite increasing standardization from organizations like VDA and AIAG, every customer has different systems and different requirements: from software interfaces to product labeling and traceability.

To fulfil your requirements, we’ve developed a highly flexible shop floor system that can be tailored to our JIT/JIS system for each specific situation. In this way, we ensure complete dovetailing of the requirements of sales, production and logistics planning for lean, integrated processes in planning, production and delivery.

The high level of integration gives our cross-functional teams immediate access to the data they need. It also allows us to work almost completely autonomously. From inventory levels to production parameters and order processing, these systems enable us to deliver on time and in quantity.

To ensure that everything continues to run smoothly, we have built in checks and controls that indicate the system is operating correctly. For example, that information transmitted via electronic data interfaces are correct. Plus, we offer 24/7 logistics support around the world. All with one goal: Greater customer satisfaction.

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