Steel Manufacturing

Flexible, sustainable, cost-efficient

From the automotive and energy sectors to mechanical engineering and construction – the whole world wants steel. We deliver it. Industry-specific, customer-specific – in all possible grades and standards. Whether DIN, EN, ASTM, API or others. If required, we can even develop our own steel grades for you, optimally matched to your applications. Because we know steel like no one else.

It all starts with the steel smelting process: A special treatment makes our steel ideal for dynamically stressed components, for example in automotive applications. During production, we meticulously check all parameters for you. This is how we meet your requirements, or even surpass them. In doing so, we also reduce our carbon footprint – for example with efficient production processes and optimized internal processes and transport. The latter almost exclusively by train.

How sustainable steel production works

Fascinating stuff – our steel production

At BENTELER we make steel billets or slabs from scrap. This is melted down in our steelworks in the electric arc furnace – with the help of graphite electrodes. We then add additives and alloying elements, and the result is exactly the type of steel you want. Finally, the steel is cast in the continuous caster. In whatever dimensions you need the product – it's a piece of technological excellence.

Lighter with better crash performance.


Geometry, weldability, strength, toughness. We're well versed in combining material properties. For example, with our new innovative material BAH120plus® we’re supporting a renowned German commercial vehicle manufacturer in the area of crash management. This material helps to significantly reduce the weight of the roll cages while offering better crash performance. That’s what we understand with unsurpassed metal expertise.

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