BENTELER Electric Drive System gains traction


At the booth of our development cooperation partner Bosch, we presented our series-ready platform solution for electric vehicles to the European professional audience for the first time at the IAA 2019. The BENTELER Electric Drive System saves vehicle manufacturers several years of development and test cycles, enabling them to enter series production much faster than usual. In the following video we show you the current milestones of our Rolling Chassis.

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We take our tubes to cool new places!

Dinslaken, October 18, 2019. With the aid of an innovative rolling mill technology, we cool tubes at the Dinslaken plant in a targeted manner. This makes our precision steel tubes more resistant and lighter at the same time. This benefits our customers in the automotive, oil & gas and industrial markets.


Automated production support

Goshen, October 10, 2019. At our automotive plant in Goshen, USA, so called Vision Guided Vehicles ensure that products and materials are transported quickly and automated in the plant. This increases our productivity and the safety of our colleagues.

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