We take responsibility.

We continue to operate in a volatile market environment. Our employees are the key to our success in this respect. Their personal development and advancement are therefore important to us. In our HR strategy, we therefore place great emphasis on our competency model and our continuous training opportunities. Promoting diversity of talent and strengthening our corporate culture in change processes will remain important in the coming years.



"We focus on the needs of our employees. As a traditional industrial company, we consistently take new paths to respond to the drivers in a changing working world and shape it to suit our needs: as a hybrid of the classic and the modern - a model that has endured for over 145 years thanks to its ability to change."

Heike Weishaupt, Vice President Human Resources,
BENTELER Automotive

We focus on personal responsibility and flexibility

To remain successful in the long term, we need employees who think entrepreneurially, act on their own initiative and respond flexibly to change. Our corporate values of courage, ambition and respect are also based on this aspiration. Every employee at at our company has both the freedom and the mandate to contribute in the spirit of our company’s goals, values and culture.


We are an attractive employer

The BENTELER Group is not only an attractive employer for new employees, but can also count on the experience and expertise of long-standing employees. 22% of our workforce has been with the BENTELER Group for more than 20 years, another 23% have been with us between 10 and 20 years, 18% have been with the company between 5 and 10 years, and 38% have been with BENTELER for 5 years or less.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Interaction between BENTELER Group employees is based on mutual respect. No one may be personally discriminated against – whether because of their country of origin, skin color, gender, age, religion, or because of disabilities, sexual orientation or political and trade union activity. We have implemented appropriate guidelines as well as organizational precautions to ensure respectful interaction within the organization and with business partners. Among other things, there is a representative for the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG, Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz).



Promoting the next generation

The global market is characterized by increasing competitive pressure and a changing economic environment. We are convinced that we will only be able to successfully meet these and future challenges with excellently trained employees. The continued development of performance and talent management was the central element for developing and retaining our internal talent for the future in the reporting year.

Developing skilled workers

Our competence model plays a major role in career development: It provides orientation for further development in our company. We’re measured against it and it helps us focus on the key issues in our daily work. Regular information events held by top management supplement the goal and result orientation of our employees in terms of the relevance and orientation of their actions.



Occupational safety and health protection

The well-being and health of all employees are important to us. We therefore work continuously to maintain and, where possible, improve the health and safety of our employees. That is why, among other things, the principle “everyone must ensure that the health and safety of all employees are guaranteed” is anchored in the Code of Conduct.

Personal development

With regard to the further qualification of our employees, we pay particular attention to recognizing and promoting individual strengths. For this reason, we offer customized courses that enable employees at all levels to fully realize their professional potential. In doing so, we motivate our employees to engage in lifelong learning.



"Employers have a social and environmental responsibility. This is demanded by the UN Charter for Sustainability and is a benchmark for the attractiveness of companies. For decades, we have ensured that we are involved locally, live the value of "respect" and face up to our responsibility to society and the environment.”

Dr. Christine Tölle, Managing Director,
BENTELER Business Services GmbH

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