We take responsibility.

The basis of successful cooperation is trusted dialog. Clearly communicated goals combined with innovation and willingness to change help us to react to market developments and position the BENTELER Group for the future in these challenging times. We are improving our work and the competitiveness of BENTELER as a whole through targeted investments in growth areas.



"In times of highly dynamic markets, a common attitude to change and success is needed to remain competitive. We are working as a global player on the future of mobility – which is why we offer our employees an exciting as well as attractive environment."

Heike Weishaupt, Vice President Human Resources BENTELER Automotive

Attractive employer

The success of the BENTELER Group is based on active, long-term relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, the works council, and the local community at the locations.

We therefore regard the length of service of our employees as proof of the success of our measures within the company. In 2021, about 20% had been with the company for 6 to 10 years, and about 8% for 21 to 25 years. 


Diversity and equal opportunities

Last year, employees of 58 nationalities worked within the BENTELER Group. We treat all employees on the principle of mutual respect. No one may be personally discriminated against – whether because of their country of origin, skin color, gender, age, religion, or because of disabilities, sexual orientation or political and trade union activity.

We have implemented appropriate guidelines as well as organisational precautions to ensure respectful interaction within the organization and with business partners. Among other things, there is a representative for the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG).



Engaging employees

Co-determination by representative bodies has always been a high priority at BENTELER. Representative groups such as the general works council in Germany or the European works council have worked with the management on a respectful and constructive basis for many years.

The cooperation results in regular, trust-based exchanges that contribute to the future viability of the company. It is based on the legal requirements that apply around the world.

Employee benefits

We pursue the goal of gender-neutral hiring and equal pay at all levels. Our employees receive remuneration in line with the market, which in addition to their basic salary also includes, depending on their classification, a bonus in line with the market and a wide range of fringe benefits. We regulate the uniform assessment and classification of core professional tasks, compensation and contractual fringe benefits through our internal central recruiting team and a uniform system around the world.

Dependent on location or country, fringe benefits include company pensions, entitlement to the use of company cars as well as health and other insurance benefits. Suspected misconduct related to compensation issues can be reported through each site’s escalation point.

Human resources

A key objective is to fill as many key and management positions as possible internally. In 2021, around 80% of vacant positions could be filled with internal talent. We see this as proof that the processes and procedures implemented to date have proven their worth. Because our managers are central to successful talent management, they received updated materials and training during the reporting year.



"In particular, we continuously develop central functions such as our HR organization so that our colleagues can focus on what they do best - independently, flexibly and successfully.”

Dr. Christine Tölle, Managing Director BENTELER Business Services GmbH

Education and training

The global market is characterized by increasing competitive pressure and a changing economic environment. We are convinced that we will only be able to successfully meet these and future challenges with excellently trained employees.

The further development of our performance and talent management was the central element in developing and retaining our internal talent again this year.

That’s why we offer a variety of commercial and technical apprenticeships and combined degree programs worldwide. We now have more than 30 years of training experience and over 20 years of experience as a partner for combined degree programs. Our goal is to also increase the number of women in apprenticeship occupations that have historically tended to be performed by men in the industrial sector.

In the reporting year, 565 young people worldwide were in training. 6 female and 11 male combination students started their careers in 2021.

Protect health and work safety

The well-being and health of all employees are important to us. We therefore work continuously to maintain and, where possible, improve the health and safety of our employees.

That is why, among other things, the principle "Everyone must ensure that the health and safety of all employees are guaranteed" is anchored in the Code of Conduct.

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