Supply Chain

We buy local.

Our global presence and commercial activities bring a special responsibility. We are conscious of this and act accordingly. We expect our suppliers to comply with the same social and environmental standards as those to which we are committed.



„The past few years have once again shown how important reliable supplier relationships are. The big questions about climate protection, resource efficiency and also the issue of human rights can only be answered together. That’s why we will continue the intensive dialog with our customers and suppliers."

Radek Jedlicka, Executive Vice President Global Procurement BENTELER Automotive

On the spot worldwide

With 87 locations in 26 countries, BENTELER is close to its customers around the world – wherever they operate. However, our understanding of customer proximity is more than just in a geographical sense. We accompany our partners strategically – from the product idea to series production. To meet actual demand, our production is closely integrated with that of our customers. Nine of the Automotive Division locations are situated on customers’ sites and a further 30 within a radius of less than ten kilometers.

By selecting mainly local suppliers, transport distances are shortened and emissions reduced as a result. In addition, this approach strengthens the regional economy and thereby promotes the BENTELER Group’s bond with the respective region.


Value-based supplier relationships

We take our social responsibility seriously and act accordingly. We expect our suppliers to comply with the same social and environmental standards. In particular, we respect and support compliance with internationally recognized human and children’s rights and reject modern slavery, i.e. all forms of forced and child labor. This attitude is embedded in our Supplier Code of Conduct and forms the basis for contracts with suppliers. By signing our framework delivery contract and our BENTELER quality requirements for suppliers, they confirm knowledge, acceptance and compliance with the code of conduct.

As an international company BENTELER is committed to upholding human rights in the company and in the supply chain. We have therefore undertaken to develop, maintain, and improve the appropriate systems and processes. We describe how we do this, among other places, in the BENTELER Modern Slavery Statement, which is updated annually and can be viewed on our corporate website.


Enable Whistle-Blowers

In the reporting year, the BENTELER Group prepared the introduction of the electronic whistle-blowing system B-AWARE for 2022. This platform is intended to enable BENTELER employees as well as employees of suppliers and sub-suppliers to anonymously report suspected violations of laws, regulations or guidelines. In this way the platform is intended to help uncover and remedy grievances. Reported cases are also included in the annual risk analysis.

Ensuring high material requirements

Our BENTELER quality requirements for suppliers apply to our suppliers of direct materials. In it, we refer, among other things, to the suppliers’ voluntary commitment to environmental protection in the form of an environmental management system, as well as to applicable regulations such as REACH and Directive 2000/53/EC on end-of-life vehicles (and with it the use of IMDS). In 2022, we will have an eProcurement solution in place in the indirect area that requires a confirmation of the Supplier Code of Conduct during onboarding before the supplier can be approved for BENTELER.

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