Tube processing

We are exceptional talents when it comes to working on something

Bending, drilling, tempering. We not only produce tubes in a wide range of dimensions and grades. We also process them so that they are ready for use. From corrosion protection and internal galvanizing, to single tube and layer sawing, short piece production and U-bending, we make tube products safe and reliable for purpose. For a wide range of applications in the automotive, energy and industrial sectors.

We also develop our own processes, for example for special surface coatings. We introduced these to the market long before the CrVI exemption was enacted. These make their mark with our customers because they make our pipes even more corrosion-resistant and particularly environmentally friendly. In this way, we help you meet environmental regulations and ever-stricter corrosion protection requirements.

Surface coating

Corrosion resistant and organic

At 80 meters long, our large-diameter pipe galvanizing line is one of the five largest plants of this type in Europe. You benefit from an extended range of dimensions from our own galvanizing. We galvanize the outside of the pipes on an 8-strand continuous galvanizing line. And of course, we also know how to galvanize the inside of bars and rings. With corrosion protection, we go one step further by additionally coating the pipes with a sealant or organic topcoat after chromium VI-free coating. Whether seamless or welded. This makes our surface coating particularly environmentally friendly. We’ve even developed very special surface coatings for optimum corrosion protection.


Airbag components

Tested and found to be safe

We constantly work on improving. Which is how we also know our way around airbag processing. In the process, we machine our precision steel tubes for airbags to the closest tolerances. If required, however, we can also take care of punching, die-cutting, drawing in or processing the ends. We also manufacture ready-to-install sleeves for airbag generators. As if that weren’t enough, our integrated 100 % component testing ensures consistent quality of our pipe components. You can be sure of it.

We make tubes perfect

In our fixed length centers

Precision tubes call for precision machining. In our short fixed length centers, we saw all pipes to any desired length – with our various high-performance automatic saws, single tube saws and layer saws. Very precisely and to tightest tolerances. Afterwards we deburr and clean the pipes. But we’re also masters of defined end processing. This includes the facing and chamfering of tube ends, laser contour cutting and hole punching.

Our tempering

Special applications, special processes

Some applications require tubes with high strength and notch impact strength against plastic deformation as well as against crack growth and breakage. This is provided by our targeted heat treatment, which enables us to achieve a very special strength. Our material expertise is also seen in the quenching and tempering of pipes. To achieve this optimally, we operate our own tempering equipment at many of our locations. In our plants in Schloss Neuhaus and Dinslaken, for example, we heat tubes in an induction process and then cool them down in a controlled way.

Deep drilling for high quality

With us, it’s standard

Excellent cylinders call for excellent tubes. The be-all and end-all of cylinder tubes is their high-quality surface. Especially internally. And the closer the tolerance the better. But we probably don’t need to tell you that. What might interest you, though, is that we reduce internal roughness and create tolerances even up to H9. To do this, we skive the inner surface of our pipes and skiving and roller burnishing. Our team works continuously to achieve this. Just like our deep hole drilling machines, which make time-consuming swarf removal strokes superfluous. The result is impressive.

Forming, bending, sealing

All in a day’s work for our bending shop

Whether it’s for engineering equipment or other applications, in our bending shop in Schloss Neuhaus, Paderborn, we skillfully bend tubes. Thanks to our fully automated bending systems, we are able to achieve highly precise bending radii. If required, we can also anneal the U-tube bends with low stress for you. This prevents them from warping during further processing and thereby minimizes disturbances. We’re also experts with serpentine tubes: We shape and bend these individually according to your specifications. All we need is a drawing or construction plan from you. Our work in the bending shop doesn’t end with the forming. We also test our tubes for leaks – by means of a water pressure test. Your tubes are then individually packaged for you – after which, they are on their way.

Hollow shafts for vehicles

Best after our prefabrication

Our tubes are frequently used in the automotive industry. A high level of materials expertise and technological excellence ensure reliable results, particularly in tube processing. This allows us to draw in the tubes at the ends for drive shafts. At our Rothrist site, we do this exactly according to drawings and the requirements of our customers. The tubes for camshafts, in turn, are partially induction hardened by us at the bearing points of the shaft, exactly where the camshaft is subjected to particular stress during operation. We can also mill and chamfer tube ends and drill small holes or grooves. Here, too, we understand our work like no other.

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