Through digitalization, we are changing today how we work tomorrow. Even more efficiently, even more effectively. "Just in time" and "just in sequence". We use the data we collect in our production processes to make our products lighter, safer, more sustainable. We create an ergonomic, safe and interesting working environment for our employees. Because we put people at the center – especially when it comes to digitalization.

We are driven by the question, how can data and machines support us humans even better? For example, digitalization helps us identify problems before they arise. Especially in our factories. This was already evident in our first, simple application – a scrap conveyor at our ‘an der Talle’ plant in Paderborn, Germany: Since it was digitalized, it’s never stopped running.

With Industry 4.0, we’re solving problems before they occur. A scrap conveyor in our Paderborn plant is hidden away in a cellar. Previously, the first we would know about a problem was when a motor got so loud, it could be heard on the next floor up. Today, the system immediately detects an increase in motor current, indicating a blockage. Within seconds, a technician receives a corresponding warning by push message. The situation can be resolved before it’s actually an issue. And since the digitalization, the conveyor hasn’t stopped.

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