Smart Factory

More and more, Industry 4.0 applications are changing modern industrial operations. But what does it look like when a complete plant is planned, built and operated in a digitalized and networked manner from the very first idea?  Our Smart Factory in Mos, Spain, provides the answer.


Opened on June 19, 2019 as BENTELER’s first "Smart Factory", our automotive plant in Mos is equipped with state-of-the-art digital technologies. These include:

Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIV)

The AIVs ensure an autonomous, fast product and material flow in the plant.

3D printing

The factory uses 3D printing to produce tools and materials.

Big Data

Big Data architectures offer the possibility to evaluate and process large amounts of data.

Predictive maintenance

The machines in the plant independently monitor their status and request maintenance.

With our Smart Factory in Mos, the eighth BENTELER plant in Spain, we are one of the largest employers in Galicia. To enable our employees to make the best possible use of the new technological possibilities, we conduct special training courses. Because, as a family of driven professionals, our focus is on people. Even in our Smart Factory.

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