BENTELER increases plant effectiveness through EU-funded research project

Paderborn, March 18, 2021. BENTELER is increasingly focusing on Industry 4.0 solutions. Together with Fraunhofer IEM and ATLANTIS Engineering, the company has improved its own Big Data infrastructure as part of the BOOST 4.0 research project. The three-year-long project was completed under the auspices of the “it's OWL” technology network. Boost 4.0 provides the technological basis for successfully implementing Big Data and Industry 4.0 strategies throughout Europe. In this way, BENTELER is driving forward the digitalization of its plants and increasing plant effectiveness.

Applied research pays off

Together with the internationally renowned Fraunhofer Institute, BENTELER has developed a model for predictive maintenance of machines using Big Data. The company is now implementing the process model in production. As a result, downtime can be avoided, and customers can be supplied on time and at fair prices. "Thanks to Boost 4.0, we’ve significantly improved our Big Data infrastructure and are reaching the next level of data analytics within BENTELER. The project is a driver in increasing our competence in Industry 4.0. As a direct benefit, it has increased the overall equipment effectiveness of the applicable machines by 5%. In the next step the project results will be multiplied in all BENTELER plants around the world. In this way, we can meet the requirements of our customers faster, more reliably and with even higher quality," said Emerson Galina, COO of BENTELER Automotive, while summarizing the results following the project’s successful completion.

Big Data: Huge data volumes for trouble-free production processes

Big data involves very large amounts of data. These are complex. Therefore, they cannot be evaluated properly with manual or conventional methods. BENTELER, the Fraunhofer Institute and ATLANTIS Engineering use machine learning methods and models when dealing with Big Data. "When we understand the relevant data, we can accurately assess the health of the machines. This enables our teams to detect impending malfunctions at an early stage and initiate appropriate measures in good time – even before the plant comes to a standstill," explains Dr.-Ing. Daniel Köchling, Manager Industry 4.0 / Innovation at BENTELER Automotive. This is how BENTELER is further expanding its technological expertise with Big Data solutions.

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