Joint step towards carbon neutrality: BENTELER delivers first CliMore tubes

Salzburg/Paderborn, November 9, 2023. The first truck carrying CO2-reduced hydraulic line tubes from BENTELER Steel/Tube's new CliMore brand rolled through the entrance of the Van Leeuwen plant in Duisburg yesterday. Van Leeuwen will procure further quantities of the green steel products in future after the two companies signed a joint letter of intent. 

Ralph Mathis, CSO of BENTELER Steel/Tube, expressed his delight at the joint agreement: "With tubes from our new CliMore brand, we are helping our customers master the greatest challenges of our time – climate change and the decarbonization of industry. We work constantly to reduce our CO2 footprint and have already adapted our product and service portfolio to meet our customers' increasing ecological needs."

The first delivery consists of hydraulic line tubes, which are used for hydraulic/pneumatic applications in large agricultural and construction machinery. In addition to a significant step towards carbon neutrality, they excel in processing properties: Precise geometry and optimal material properties ensure problem-free use by customers. Furthermore, the use of higher-strength grades means they reliably meets the highest pressure requirements. 

BENTELER CliMore – the new product brand for CO2-reduced steel products

Achieving more with less emissions – that’s the ambition behind CliMore. "In September, we presented our new brand CliMore to the public. It covers all CO2-reduced steels and steel tube products from BENTELER Steel/Tube and divides them into the three sustainability categories: Advantage, Ambition and Excellence," explains Thomas Begemann, Director of Strategy, Communication and Project Management at BENTELER Steel/Tube. These categories indicate how the steel was produced and which energy sources were used for it. In each of the three levels, low-emission steel is produced from scrap using the electric arc furnace. This recycling alone saves up to 75% of CO2 emissions when compared with new steel produced from iron ore in the classic blast furnace route. For the Ambition level, green electricity is used in the tube mills and for the operation of the electric arc furnace. That results in a saving of up to 85% of CO2 emissions. The highest level, Excellence, will also focus in the future on electrification of the plants or the use of green hydrogen as an energy source for process energy in the production of steel and its processing into tubes.

The products of the CliMore family are available as tube solutions directly from BENTELER Steel/Tube and through the company's steel trading partners. 

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