We get exhaust systems ready for the new EU-7 standard

München/Salzburg/Paderborn, July 7, 2020. Our electrically heated catalytic converters ensure almost 100% pollutant removal during cold starts. Thus, we offer car manufacturers a solution in compliance with the strict pollutant requirements of the new EU-7 standard – and make a further contribution to sustainable mobility.

The electrically heated catalytic converter consists of a stacked metal structure welded into the exhaust system between the turbocharger and the conventional catalytic converter. It is suitable for all cars with internal combustion engines – regardless of whether they are petrol, diesel or hybrid. Manufacturing electrically heated catalysts calls for expertise in forming and high-temperature brazing – technologies that we count among our core competencies. As an experienced partner to the automotive industry, we can produce the product in large numbers – worldwide.

In cooperation with electronics specialist Silver Atena, we will also offer a coordinated system with a control unit. This regulates, amongst other things, the temperature in the catalytic converter. Car manufacturers benefit from the cooperation. The optimal interaction of our electrically heated catalyst and control units from Silver Atena means fewer interfaces – our customers get pre-validated solutions that can be quickly adapted to their respective needs.

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