Climate and environmental protection

We are conscious of our responsibility for the environment. We therefore rely on efficient manufacturing processes and develop environmentally friendly technologies. That enables us to conserve resources and help protect the climate and the environment.

We see environmental protection as a task that involves every team and every subsidiary of the group on an equal basis. All BENTELER Automotive and all European BENTELER Steel/Tube production sites have certified environmental and/or energy management systems in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 or ISO 50001. That enables us to guarantee effective protection of resources and the environment.

Our particularly light and therefore fuel-efficient components help reduce CO2 emissions and preserve the environment. What else can we do to make cars environmentally friendlier in the future? That is precisely what we are investigating, partly through cooperation with leading universities. We are also making targeted investments in innovative e-mobility solutions.

The global population is growing and making increasing demands at a time when natural resources are becoming scarce. BENTELER makes its contribution through sustainable waste management. We draw a distinction between waste for recycling, reuse and landfill. Our aim is to reduce all waste as far as possible. Waste assessments also form part of the annual management audit in accordance with ISO 14001.


Investment in lightweight technology is a key component of our sustainability strategy. For example, if we replace chassis springs made from solid material with tubular springs, we can make our customers' components up to 40% lighter. Our tubes with variable internal diameters cut vehicle weights by a further 15%, thereby reducing unnecessary environmental impact.




Rustproof. Sealed. Sustainable. We contribute to environmental protection with our long-standing expertise in technology and materials. How do we do that? Our BENTELER Zista® Seal guarantees corrosion protection without the use of chromium VI, so it complies with the European REACh regulation. That means we can increase our products’ service life while at the same time protecting mankind and the environment.




To conserve resources we focus on sustainable production processes. For example, the BENTELER electro steel plant in Lingen only uses scrap steel and reincorporates discarded steel products into the production process. In addition, by-products that arise in manufacturing are processed into high-grade construction materials for road building.




fresh air for our plant in kleinenberg

The BENTELER Automotive plant at Kleinenberg, Germany, draws electricity from the local windpark Asseln in Lichtenau. As a result, the plant has improved its C02 balance and is using less resources. In addition, thanks to extensive modification work, this plant will ultimately be able to draw 50 percent of its electricity from wind power. That is equivalent to the amount of electricity needed to supply 2,000 households for one year.


Environmental protection project in Brazil

There is a saying that everyone should plant a tree in life. In Brazil, our employees even planted voluntarily 200 trees. This way, the bank vegetation of a river is rebuilt after a construction project. A total of 100 employees participated in this initiative. Within the next five years, the trees will filter around 11 tons of CO2 out of the air – and thus contribute to environmental protection.

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