BENTELER and Maruyasu Industries make combustion engines cleaner

Salzburg/Paderborn, November 11, 2021. Together with the Japanese automotive supplier Maruyasu Industries, BENTELER is offering a solution for more environmentally friendly combustion engines. Both companies are pooling their expertise in exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers. Maruyasu Industries brings expertise in processing special metal grades (ferritic steel) to the cooperation – BENTELER brings experience in design and development, as well as global production and sales capabilities. In this way, the companies help car manufacturers reduce pollutant emissions and meet planned regulations such as the EU 7 and CN7 standards.

Cooperation reduces development time

Stricter exhaust gas regulations call for efficient methods of emissions reduction. In the case of diesel engines, this applies to nitrogen oxides. Exhaust gas recirculation is a major focus here. The solution: EGR cooling. This lowers combustion chamber temperatures and thus reduces nitrogen oxides. To withstand the extreme conditions of the exhaust gas condensate, EGR coolers are made from ferritic stainless steel, a particularly corrosion and temperature-resistant material. This requires the highest precision and specialized know-how. "Together with our many years of expertise, we offer our customers efficiency-increasing and emission-reducing technologies. Through the partnership, we pass on our knowledge and manufacture to our usual high quality," explains Yasufumi Sakakibara, Corporate Officer at Maruyasu Industries. "From an economic point of view, our expertise in the design of high-performance cooling fins ensures a very attractive solution."

"We are very happy with the cooperation with Maruyasu Industries," says Dr. Rainer Lübbers, Executive Vice President of the Engine & Exhaust Systems Business Unit at BENTELER Automotive. "As a result, we have an experienced partner from the Asian market at our side. With our combined production capacity and experience in design we save development work, costs and time. This benefits our customers: We offer them an attractive product solution faster and at a competitive price that reliably meets highest quality standards."

Sustainability in sight

Sustainability is a key issue for future mobility. There is a strong focus on reducing pollutant emissions from internal combustion engines. EGR coolers from BENTELER and Maruyasu effectively support automotive manufacturers on the path to reducing pollutant emissions. As an experienced partner to the automotive industry, the metal processing specialist also manages global production in large quantities.



Future standard tightens CO2 limits and reduces permissible pollutant emissions

Although the share of electrically powered cars is increasing in Europe, most passenger cars still use internal combustion engine technology. To further improve sustainable mobility in this area, too, BENTELER is developing environmentally friendly and future-proof products. These already comply with the pollutant limits that will become mandatory in the EU in a few years. 

The exact specifications of the EU 7 and CN7 standards have not yet been determined. However, car manufacturers will be faced with the challenge of reducing pollutant emissions by around an additional 50%. It will also be necessary for the car exhaust system to ensure highly effective purification of pollutants immediately after the engine is started. The EU 7 and CN7 standards are currently expected to be introduced in 2026 at the latest. Given the multi-year development time of vehicles, this is already having an impact on car manufacturers.

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