One step ahead - how LinkedIn supports us in the sale of intelligent pipe solutions

Performance, resource sustainability or cost-effectiveness: At BENTELER, we always like to be one step ahead of the rest. For example, with intelligent tube solutions for e-mobility that allow you to get more out of a design.

Weight is reduced by up to 39% and the use of tubes instead of rectangular profiles optimizes the installation space by up to 23%. The use of green steel also saves up to 80% of CO2 emissions. We are also taking advantage of additional opportunities in sales, such as lead campaigns on the business portal LinkedIn. A good way to generate new leads for our products.

Andreas Roth, Product Manager of the Thermal & Tubular Unit, explains the idea behind this: "As a recognized industry specialist for energy transmission, fluid transport and intelligent product solutions based on tubes, we are a strong partner for our customers. We also offer them solutions tailored to their needs in the field of e-mobility. This is now the target of our first LinkedIn campaign." The pinpoint selection and addressing of target groups with ads that link to a detailed report are a marketing tool that promises success. 

Does such a campaign work? Yes, the colleagues from BENTELER Steel/Tube have demonstrated that this calculation can work with several successful campaigns on LinkedIn. Alexander Schmidt, Business Director ThT states: "LinkedIn campaigns enable us to reach directly relevant target groups and we are happy to break new ground in sales together with the Communication/Marketing department. The initial results are very promising."

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