Value-based governance

Founded as a small trading company more than 140 years ago, BENTELER is now a global group. Some things have changed since our company was formed, and we too are continuing to develop. But much has remained the same. For example, our corporate values. They are the basis on which we shape the future – with courage, ambition and respect.

Sustainable development requires courage to pursue new avenues. With openness and a keenness to learn, we always develop the optimum solution. For our customers, but also for society and the environment – with due regard for the entire value chain.

For us, ambition means not only striving for maximum performance but also focusing on the needs of tomorrow. What we do, we do right.

Mutual appreciation is a key part of our day-to-day activity. Around the world we support our customers as partners and treat our employees as equals. We also show the same respect for the environment and society.

E-Mobility: Moving Courageously into the future

It is good to ask today the questions that will need to be addressed tomorrow. Even better to know the answers already. One of our answers to the megatrend of e-mobility, for example, is the new BENTELER Electric Drive System 2.0 – a series-ready platform solution for battery electric vehicles. But having a good idea is one thing. It takes courage to drive it forward, to shape events and not simply let them happen – it is precisely this attitude that marks BENTELER out. We like to venture into new areas and develop optimum solutions for tomorrow.


Ambition to shape the digital transformation

How? By investing in research and using targeted innovation management to develop solutions that make a difference. Because that benefits everyone: us, our customers and society. For example, since January 2018 we have been involved with BOOST 4.0, the biggest European initiative in Big Data for Industry 4.0. And in our Smart Factory in Mos, Spain, we use the latest digital technologies in production. Because in the long term only those who actively shape the digital transformation will succeed.


Compliance Training: Mutual Respect

Trust and respect form the basis of our day-to-day operations. We promote our understanding of compliance across the group with specific training courses, guided by our Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct. We are also committed to respectful and supportive treatment of our employees.


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